Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Falling Off the Wagon

Gimme another hit, doc. Oh, that's good. Ah, I'd forgotten the sweet, sweet sensation, the laser-lock focus, the blissful transportation of the mind . . .

. . . that hits every time I watch "24."

It has been too long since we finished watching the second season. The third season finally showed up on Netflix, and our first dose, er, disk showed up yesterday. I defy you to watch just one episode. I'm powerless to stop.

When we discovered the first season last year, we went through six episodes in one sitting, and four or five episodes in other stretches. The show can push the boundaries of credulity at times, but what a rush.

Plus, I can just nail Keifer Sutherland's gravelly opening ("the following takes place . . ."), especially in the evening, when I have cold.

Monday, December 13, 2004

There Is No Joy in Mudville

The surprisingly powerful UCSB men's soccer team took Indiana, the defending NCAA champs, through overtime, eventually losing on penalty kicks. The Gauchos summarily dismissed Duke 5-0 in the semifinal, and had beaten Indiana earlier in the season. Gaucho fans were in fine form, flinging tortillas to the field at the Home Depot Center during the Duke game, and chanting "Let 'em score" during the blowout.

Congratulations to the Gauchos on a great season. Next up: the rise of UCSB football ... oh wait, my era voted the football team out of existence. Oops.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Go Gauchos!

The UC Santa Barbara men's soccer team has become a national power. They merited a mention in Sports Illustrated recently, and are now in the NCAA final four tournament.

The value of my degree grows and grows.